Test Results

The Receptionist will ask for your full name, date of birth, address and the date on which your test was carried out.

Please leave at least 2-3 days before phoning for your results or making enquiries.

Test results are received electronically. Once received the results can be viewed but, until the GP has reported, they cannot be given out to the patient.

On occasion you may be told that the result has been received but yet to be seen by the doctor. Please have patience as the reception team are not clinically trained.  They follow a very strict protocol and need to wait until the GP has reported back.

If your test results are normal and do not require any action then the surgery will not be in contact with you. If your test results are abnormal and require any action, the GP will advise the Reception team who will be in contact with you.

If your condition doesn’t improve or you are still concerned and haven’t heard anything, please contact the practice.

Smear tests

Cervical Cytology results (smears) will be posted to you. Please allow at least 4 weeks for these results to be received.