Where is the right place for you to go?

Perhaps your GP can help

Attending Accident and Emergency is not always the best answer when you feel unwell or when you need to help someone else get medical attention.

If you need to see or contact a medical professional quickly, it often makes sense to contact your GP.

A Health Professional at the practice can also often treat minor injuries.

Because your practice is local to you it makes getting there easier and you may not need to wait as long as you would at A&E.

Your practice will have your medical history to hand which helps them make the best treatment decisions for you.

Enys Road Surgery is open 8.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday on 01323 410088 for appointments or advice. We have a Duty Doctor available each afternoon to see or speak to any patient with a medically urgent problem that cannot wait until the next day. We also have a highly skilled Nursing Team who may be able to help you.

A&E is the right place for these:

  •  Choking
  •   Chest pain
  •   Heavy blood loss
  •   Serious injury/trauma
  •   Fits or loss of consciousness
  •   Stroke
  •   Emergency care when any delay would cause further harm